Allah has given us freedom of choice #thearrival

we are all responsible to change the world from within #thearrival

by improving ourselves, our families and our communities #thearrival

make your influence on this world a positive one #thearrival

build a legacy you will be proud of #thearrival

spread your love and wisdom #thearrival

and do so in the name of Allah’s creator, the true source of love and wisdom #thearrival

don’t look or expect rewards from mankind #thearrival

expect them from Allah #thearrival

discover him through his brilliant creations around you #thearrival

the infiltration of Religion #thearrival

do you evolved from apes? #thearrival

do as thou wilt #thearrival

the elite created religion as a tood for control #thearrival

only then do you become a controlled tool, in the hands of the elite #thearrival

because the world of the dajjal is one built on pleasure, and consumption #thearrival

a monotheistic religion is what will free mankind from the tyranny of rulership #thearrival

that is why it’s the ultimate threat to those in power #thearrival

that is one of the biggest lessons #thearrival

the temple of solomon. buried treasure was recovered #thearrival

who are the builders that helped Solomon construct his temple? #thearrival

Saya ingin seluruh muslim membaca ini. Al-Aqsa dalam bahaya. Al-Aqso sedang dalam bahaya #thearrival

ada seseorang yg mencoba utk menghancurkan Al-Aqso #thearrival

the digging today is for the planned destruction of the mosque #thearrival

because they’re preparing for the arrived of their false messiah, their king of kings #thearrival

and this king will have to be welcomed with the resurrected temple #thearrival

sebelum dibangkitkan kembali kuil Sulaiman. Masjid Al-Aqso yakni rumah suci pertama dr Allah harus dimusnahkan #thearrival

israel telah merencanakan melakukan hal ini perlahan dgn cara yg jahat #thearrival

both have already started ! #thearrival

who do you think runs the world today? #thearrival

the zionist banking families mainly Rothschilds and Rockefellers #thearrival

who financed hilter and the world wars? #thearrival

sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction #thearrival

the truth has been hidden #thearrival

the Qur’an is certainly the greatest literary work in classical arabic #thearrival

its time to start picking up the pace #thearrival

inilah dunia yang telah terikat oleh mata anda dan membutakan anda dari kebenaran #thearrival

the land of opportunity #thearrival

dieu mon droit #thearrival

this important, they are found on products you buy and finance all time ! #thearrival

are you familiar with the skull and bones symbol? #thearrival

why is this simbol so fashionable today? #thearrival

who do you think controls our industries? #thearrival

now what you can control is where you spend your money, or more accuralely which corporations you finance #thearrival

who own and runs the media of the world? #thearrival

this is zionist. when you realize that their survival depends on you being branwashed and indoctrinated #thearrival

obviously not, so other than indoctrinating you with ideas and views #thearrival

because a corrupted society which becomes lost, is one which can be easly ruled #thearrival

mind control in america, exposing the strategy to manipulate your MIND #thearrival

Mind, Body and Soul #thearrival

if you don’t understand your potential, you won’t be able to grasp the significance of such a system of control #thearrival

everything is energy #thearrival

this meens that Allah’s created you as energy transmittes, where you can be affected by the energy around you #thearrival

and more importanly, where you can affect the energy around you #thearrival

you can release positive or negative energy #thearrival

if you start releasing positive energy and at high vibrations, this energy will combine with exterior energy of the same kind… #thearrival

POSITIVE. this keeps you on a positive energy field #thearrival

what goes around comes around #thearrival

So, you are very much affected by the energy of your surrounding environment #thearrival

and this why 99% of mosques are built the same way #thearrival

as one returns from his/her summer break, its almost impossible to ignore the pop culture being fed to today’s childern #thearrival

you have seen how millions of dollars have been spent on ways to indoctrinate you #thearrival

this mind control agenda aims to indoctrinate you with several “ways of life” #thearrival

its creating and solidifying a population racing for consumption,materialism,for control,loving corruption,hating religion n god #thearrival

this is not about overthrowing your goverment, its about winning the war within #thearrivel

this is a war #thearrival

where you are the soldier and the battlefield #thearrival

you have to overcome worldly temptations, to be able to achive true freedom ! #thearrival

only then, can you be a living example of light #thearrival

because all that this system is trying to feed you is darkness #thearrival

in essence, our pop culture has been filled with praises to the god of the elite(syaiton) #thearrival

any of these leaders, serving this worldly agenda #thearrival

the satanic hand syimbol #thearrival

God remains greater ! Allah’s remains greater ! #thearrival

save your soul ! #thearrival

‘Dunya’ in arabic means worldly and its a negative connotation in islam #thearrival

‘Akhira’ means the eternal afterlife #thearrival

islam memberitahu kita bahwa dunia adalah jarak #thearrival

salah satu akar dari arti dunia adalah untuk menjangkau anggur yang tak akan pernah kau pegang, reach out for grapes you can never grasp #thearrival

Dunya it will always evade you ! #thearrival

look around you, what are people chasing in this world? #thearrival

all based on physical pleasure #thearrival

is this what the world has to offer? #thearrival

be my guest and chase it all you want, sooner or later you will see it for what it is #thearrival

do you know how we are created? #thearrival

you’re created as a soul and place into this physical body. your body is just “the tool” #thearrival

a tool, for your soul to carry out this temporary physical section, of your eternal life #thearrival

a tool which should be guided into investing and feeding the soul #thearrival

but what do we do? we dedicate all our lives to feed “the tool”, with physical and worldly pleasures instead #thearrival

and this system is cleverly designed to keep you attached to such a worldly illusion #thearrival

to be continued …




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